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Cleaning White Brake Hoods With Bleche Wite Tire Cleaner

I clean dirty white brake hoods using Bleche Wite tire cleaner. It’s made by Black Magic and I bought it at an auto parts store.

How To Wrap Handlebars With Safety/Extension Brake Levers

I show how to tape wrap handle bars on a vintage road bike with extension levers (aka “safety levers”, “death grips”, “suicide levers”, “turkey wings”). I use modern tape and show how to wrap around the brake levers leaving a nice clean look.

Remove/Install Bike Handlebars Without Scratching In Quill Stem

This is how I remove and install bicycle handlebars without scratching them while trying to fit them into a quill stem. I use a tool called Lock Ring Pliers. The pliers I use in the video are some vintage Williams model 1515 pliers. But they are made by other companies as well.

Wrap Vintage Trek Bike Cloth Handlebar Tape Like Factory Original

I show how to wrap the handlebars on a vintage Trek bike in the same way they came from the factory. I bought a 1981 Trek 412 that had factory original cloth handlebar tape. I used the opportunity to document exactly how they were wrapped. Then I wrapped the handlebars on my 1980 Trek 412 …Read more »

Replacing Non-Aero Brake Hoods/Cables/Housings On Vintage Road Bike

The original hoods on some Dia Compe non-aero brakes were fried, bumpy and sticking to the brakes. They were starting to disintegrate or decomposing or melt or something. I bought some replacement Cane Creek hoods and install those along with new cables and housings. The bike is a 1981 Trek 412.