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How To Install Bar Ends On Mountain Bike Handlebars

I wanted to install drop bar style bar ends on my mountain bike handlebars for a 40 mile mountain bike race I have coming up, I decided to video the process. Bar ends come in many different styles, but the process for installing them is the same. I bought new grips that are open on …Read more »

How To Install Threadless Stem Adaptor To Update An Older Bike

I show you how to install a threadless stem adaptor to update your older bike. This is a pretty easy way to update an older bike. Using a newer style threadless stem makes it easier to change the fitting on your bike by simply changing the stem to one with a different length/angle. I bought …Read more »

How To Remove And Install Threadless Stem On A Bike

I show you how to remove and install a threadless stem on a bike. It’s very easy and will allow you to replace your stem to change the fitting of your bike. By using a stem that is shorter or longer or of a different angle, you can make your bike more comfortable to ride …Read more »

How To Remove/Install Bike Handlebar Grips

In this video I show you how easily remove the rubber handlebar grips from your bicycle and how to install them. It’s very easy. This is useful if you want to replace the grips, or if you want to move them in farther to install bar ends.

How To Adjust A Threadless Headset

If you hear clicking noises or rattles in your headset when you brake, hit bumps, or steer, you may need to tighten your bike’s headset. It only takes a minute or two, and will get rid of the annoying clicks.