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How To Fix Derailleur Hanger With Stripped Threads

I show how to repair a stripped derailleur hanger using a “Dropout Saver” from Wheels Manufacturing. I also discuss several other possible methods for fixing a stripped derailleur hanger. I know people are going to ask where to get the dropout savers. I got them on Amazon. Here are links to them: Narrow Dropout Saver …Read more »

Fixing Rear Dropout With Axle Slot Bent/Stretched Open Wide

I got a great deal on a bike frame, but the right rear dropout had been bent leaving the dropout slot wider. The seller said it had it had been caused by chain wrap. But the frame was steel, so I was pretty sure I could straighten it. It also appeared the derailleur hanger might …Read more »

Straightening Bent Seat Stays On A Bike Frame

I show how to straighten a bent seat stay on my vintage Bob Jackson bicycle frame. Only attempt this on a steel frame. Do not try this on an aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber bike frame. Steel bends different than those metals. Do not use heat. I still have a small dent which I am …Read more »

Remove Stickers From A Bike

I show my favorite methods of how to remove stickers and sticker residue from a bicycle frame. This is not for original factory decals which are usually under a layer of clear coat paint. But this method can be used for bike shop stickers, warning labels, or the kinds of stickers that kids sometimes plaster …Read more »

Check And Align A Bike Frame