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Install Recessed Mounted Caliper Brakes On Vintage Bike Frame

I show how to install newer style recessed-mounting brakes on older bike frames set up for nutted mount brakes.

How To Make DIY Dropout Alignment Gauge Tools

I show how to make and use homemade tools to check and straighten bent dropouts on a bike frame. Only use these types of tools to straighten the dropouts on a steel or cro-moly frame. Do not attempt to bend the dropouts on an aluminum, carbon fiber or any type of frame other than steel …Read more »

Upgrade Vintage 10 Speed Bike To 14 Speed & Indexed Shifting

I show how to update a vintage 10 speed bike (Raleigh Grand Prix) to 14 speeds with Shimano SIS indexed shifting. I spread the chain stays to accommodate a wider wheel. The 5 speed hub rear wheel is replaced with another 27″ wheel with a 6/7 speed hub and 7 spd freewheel. I also replace …Read more »

How To Add Bottle Cage Mounts To A Bike Frame

I show how to add bottle cage mounts to a bike frame that doesn’t have braze-ons or other mountings. Such as vintage bicycles or maybe a bike that only has mounts for one bottle cage, but you want to add a second bottle cage. This is done by drilling the frame and installing rivnuts (rivet …Read more »

How To Repair A Loose Bottle Cage Mount

I show how fix a bottle cage boss mount that just spins when trying to tighten or loosen the screw. I also show how to remove a screw from the mount when the mount spins in the frame. The issue is a riv-nut that has loosened. I show how to tighten it up with a …Read more »