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How To Clean Rust/Corrosion From Inside Bike Seat Tube

I show how to clean the rust and corrosion from a steel frame bike seat tube. After removing an aluminum seat post that was seized in a steel frame, the inside of the seat tube was coated with the rust and crud caused by galvanic corrosion. Part of it might have been aluminum oxide from …Read more »

How To Remove Stickers From A Bike Frame

I bought this bike at a thrift store. The previous owner had stuck a couple stickers on the frame and one on the fork. I show you how to easily remove most stickers from a bike.

How To Remove/Install Bike Head Badge

My 1990 Trek 1000 was missing the head badge/emblem when I got it. I recently bought a 1991 Trek 820 that had the same badge. My plan with the 820 is to clean it up and resell it. I really don’t think the badge being gone will affect the value. So in this video, I …Read more »

How To Remove A Broken Bottle Cage Bolt

I was working on a mountain bike and one of the screws for mounting a bottle cage was broken off inside the frame. Using PB Blaster, a scribe and a hammer, I managed to extract the screw. Some left-hand drill bits would have been helpful, but I didn’t have any. And I didn’t want to …Read more »

How To Install Bottle Cage On Scott Spark 60 Mountain Bike

I wanted to mount a water bottle cage on my Scott Spark 60 mountain bike. The problem was that the screws where you would normally install a bottle cage were being used to hold down cables. I removed the screws and found they were too short to hold down both the cage and cables. So …Read more »