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How To Mount A Bottle Cage On Bike Without Mounting Screws/Braze-Ons

This is how to mount a bottle cage on a bike without bottle cage mount screws/braze ons, or that doesn’t have the screws/braze ons where you want to mount the bottle cage. I have previously used this technique to mount a second water bottle cage on a mountain bike that only had mounts for a …Read more »

How To Measure A Bike Frame

In this video I show you how to measure a bike frame. I created a previous version of this video when I was shopping on eBay and craigslist for bikes, and people didn’t know what size of frames their bikes had, and they didn’t know how to measure them. My previous video has gotten lots …Read more »

How To Measure A Bike Frame

Many times when I see a bike for sale, the frame size is not listed. I ask the seller what the frame size is, and they don’t know. And they don’t know how to measure it. I usually explain how to measure the frame size, but sometimes they still don’t understand since they don’t know …Read more »