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Using Drill Doctor To Sharpen A Drill Bit

I show how to sharpen drill bits with a Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener. The model in the video is a Drill Doctor 750X. But the process is basically the same for the 500X. I bought the 750X model because I am planning to use it for sharpening some larger size twist drill bits up …Read more »

Rust Remover Test! Evaporust vs Metal Rescue vs Vinegar vs Coke

I review four rust removers in a head to head test to see which one does the best job of rust removal. I compare Evapo-rust, Metal Rescue, White Distilled Vinegar, and Coca-Cola. I tried to be as fair as possible using as to the same rusty parts in each rust remover. I also included a …Read more »

Park Tool SBC-1 Spoke Bearing and Cotter Pin Gauge

A viewer asked about this tool and how to use it to measure spokes. So I made this video showing off the various features. For a tool that costs less than $10, I use it a lot. Here is the tool on

Remove Rust From Bike Parts Using Evapo-Rust – Easy!

This stuff is amazing! Just soak the parts and rinse. EASY! I bought a bike that had been left outside in the rain. The frame was good, but many of the parts were rusty. Evapo Rust did a great job of removing the parts from the parts. This is by far the best stuff I …Read more »

Cleaning Rusty Tools In Evapo-Rust

I use Evapo-Rust to clean up some flea market/garage sale tools. I am always looking for new ways to remove rust from tools and bike parts. The EvapoRust seemed to do a decent job. I followed up with a brass wire wheel and they came out even better. I probably could have left the tools …Read more »