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Cleaning Rusty Tools In Vibratory Tumbler

I got a great deal on a box full of old bikes tools. But they hadn’t been taken care of, and some of the tools had rust on them. I used a vibratory tumbler with rust-cutting resin abrasive media from Harbor Freight. After 2 1/2 hours in the tumbler, it had removed most of the …Read more »

Impact Wrench Disassembly/Assembly

I bought a used air impact wrench which worked, but felt like something was wrong and it was making a strange noise. A good oiling through the oil port would have likely fixed the problem. But I decided to take it apart. So in this video I disassemble a Sears Craftsman Air Impact Wrench model …Read more »

How To Make A Cheap Bike Frame Alignment Gauge Tool

I show how to make a cheap homemade frame alignment gauge for bicycle frames. This can easily be made for $5 or $10 depending what kind of stuff you already have lying around the garage. A nice easy DIY project.

How To Make A Cheap & Easy Cotter Pin Press For Cottered Cranks

I show how to make a cotter pin press tool for cottered crankset removal from old bikes. This can be made for around $5. Park Tool used to make a cotter pin press (CR-2) to remove cranks, but they don’t any more. To make the press, I use wide throat top beam clamps that I …Read more »

SK Wayne 3870 Swivel Roto Head Ratchet Wrench Clean/Lube

I disassemble, clean, lubricate and re-assemble an S-K Wayne 3870 Swivel Rotational Head Ratchet Wrench. If the wrench is not working well, it can often be repaired by cleaning and lubrication.